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Traditional, Natural handmade Terracota Tiles.

Simple, honest and with enduring appeal, terracotta has extraordinary longevity and a timeless appeal. Literally translated, the word means fired earth and these tiles were the first we sold, so they have an important place in our heart.


Beautiful reclaimed Spanish clinker bricks dating back to the 19th Century. These handsome bricks, made from local clay, originally formed barns and dairies in rural communities.

Reclaim Terracota

With the trend towards all things recycled, this range of reclaimed tiles is the height of style. Sourced in Europe, each tile is subtly different and offers a degree of colour variation, from pale yellows to rich reds.

Dark Grey Terracota

A beautiful clay tile in a soft colourway, Grey Terracotta is a classic which looks fantastic in a clean contemporary setting as it does in a modern country interior.


A terracotta replica tile that still shows beautiful variation and hues without the higher maintenance of Terracotta. Perfect for hardwearing areas such as halls and kitchens.

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